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Nurse Injector Training New York

Expert training so you’re in the know with Botox and more. You’re in the right place for nurse injector training New York health professionals can trust and rely on for quality instruction from the nation’s best trainer in a convenient location. This nurse aesthetic training features a supportive environment where everyone can learn with ease – live, hands-on and in person.


About the Training

Learn the latest nurse injector treatments, as well as some techniques exclusive to our doctors New York training programs. Some gems include marketing techniques proven to be effective by our students over the past years, as well as exclusive PPP (platelet poor plasma) Filler material replacement, and nerve blocking treatments.

Why Choose This Nurse Aesthetic Training: The 5 Top Reasons

Broaden your professional experience by signing up for our  cosmetic injection courses for New York medical professionals. By signing up for our comprehensive courses, you will learn and master facial rejuvenation with cosmetic injectable treatments and procedures. 

We offer top-notch aesthetic medical training courses and certification in the industry. Our programs are designed to give nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and other licensed healthcare professionals the opportunity to become internationally certified and highly skilled Botox and dermal filler injectors. 

Once you complete our Botox training for New York nurses, you will be a practitioner of one of the most in-demand non-surgical cosmetic treatments in the world. For the last three years, Botox remains the most researched non-surgical treatment in the United States, with over 7.4 million Botox injections administered in 2018. 

We’re not the only option for nurse injector training in New York, but we’re a proven leader in injectables instruction. When you turn to us, you can join a throng of other nurses, doctors and dentists who have successfully learned Botox by training with us. Our experience and skill of instruction make it easy for us to pass along our firsthand knowledge of the best techniques and advice.

Consider these top 5 reasons we excel in Botox training for New York nurses:


Hands-on, live patient practice.

Each student of this New York nurse aesthetic training benefits from hands-on experience and the opportunity to prove skills mastery in front of our remarkable instructor. If you’re not licensed in New York or prefer, you can inject on a special mannequin instead. This proven teaching method has been shown to get results.


Uniquely experienced instructor.

Committed to simplifying the way Botox is taught and injected, our instructors teaches you how to use less traumatic treatment techniques for results that aren’t as likely to result in side effects. We created our training program based on years of clinical experience.

The Top 3 Areas of the Face for Nursing Injections and How They Can Improve Appearance


Convenient location.

When you take our New York Botox certification for nurses, you don’t have to travel. We offer the class at a comfortable and convenient location where you can acquire the skills you want without travel expenses or hassles. You probably won’t have to take time off work for the training either since it’s just one day here in the New York City area. You may find that you learn better in-person than with cumbersome online classes provided by other training companies.


Just one day.

Other nurse aesthetic training in New York can take days or even weeks, but our instructors has stripped this course down to the most essential information, leaving behind the non-practical, theoretical details (which you can find online using the links we provide). Get the technical injection details you need for skillful injection of Botox and dermal fillers in our full day of instruction, discussion and practical hands-on learning.

Complete Your Nurse Injector Training With Us

For many nurses seeking a career in aesthetics, our New York Botox training for nurses is an important final preparatory step. Here’s a typical nurse aesthetic training pathway toward success:

Get a nursing degree. Most nurses get a B.S. in Nursing from a college or university as the first step in becoming a cosmetic nursing practitioner. Many nurses going for this degree today learn the basics of aesthetics as part of their degree program.

 Pass your licensing exam. The National Council Licensure Examination-Registered Nurse – or NCLEX-RN – is a complex exam that allows you to become a registered nurse. You may require test prep classes in addition to your degree to pass this thorough exam.

Acquire experience. Once you have your nursing license, you can get a low-level job working at a medical spa, plastic surgery clinic or similar facility alongside a more experienced professional. You’ll see close-up how patients’ lives are impacted positively by aesthetic services.

 Go for Botox certification. Nurses who are prepared for certification in injectables are ready to take our New York Botox training for nurses. The certification we provide gives your career the jump start it may need, allowing you to get a job you really like by standing out from competitors.

Excellence in Training Here In New York

Register right away for this Botox training for nurses in New York and train with the best. It’s nurse aesthetic training from a leading training company and instructor with unparalleled experience. No other Botox certification seminar for nurses offers you more in such a short time – and so close to home. Our instructors  and our commitment to respecting your time make us stand out.

There’s no need to travel, take a longer class or wonder which training program is best for you. We offer nurse injector training New York nurses can depend on for helping you reach and maintain your career goals. Registration is open now.


The  Injection Training is a reputable provider of Botox training for registered healthcare professionals in New York. We offer a wide range of intensive medical aesthetics training courses, including an International Certification in Injectable Therapies. 

When you sign up for our Botox and filler courses for New York nurses, you will receive comprehensive theoretical and practical training based on the latest innovations and scientific advancements in the field of Botox treatment techniques. These top-tier courses are designed for registered nurses, practical nurses, and nurse practitioners. Additionally, we also offer Botox training programs for licensed medical professionals seeking to expand their practice and client base. 

Our trainers  nurtured countless students and paved the way for them to become successful professional cosmetic injectors. The accomplishments that they’ve gained with their practice in the medical aesthetics industry come from the high-quality education they received from our training programs. Our commitment to excellence through education continues to improve, year after year. 

To help you get started, here are some of the reasons why our Botox training for New York nurses proves to be the best:


We believe that focused learning is essential to full understanding, which is why we limit each class to two trainees per one instructor. This method warrants that each student gets the most personalized training experience. Our small classes allow our trainees to fully immerse themselves in understanding and mastering cosmetic injectable therapies. Additionally, students have complete access to all learning materials and guided support they will need throughout the course.

Our instructors make sure to give their full attention to our students as they guide them every step of the way: from monitoring their progress up until they become licensed professionals. Our cosmetic injection courses for New York nurses also include hands-on training sessions, with several hours dedicated to practicing and perfecting their injection skills.


Our Botox and filler courses for New York nurses feature seven hours’ worth of practical application and hands-on injection training. This means that our students are shown clear and concise demonstrations and are asked to perform hands-on training on how to safely and effectively administer Botox and dermal filler injections. Each trainee will be provided with live patient models to practice on, focusing on treatment areas in the upper and lower face.


Our  Injection Training offers a wide range of Botox and filler courses for New York nurses, alongside other training programs for the following medical professionals:

Registered Medical nurses

Nurse practitioners

Registered practical nurses

Licensed physicians of all clinical specialties

Dental Partice surgeons

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Aside from our top-rated Botox training for New York nurses, our  Injection Training also offers other courses centered on the field of facial rejuvenation such as: 


This quick program is a two-day training course designed for registered medical professionals seeking to expand their services. It is a combination of university-level critical theoretical pre-course learning, practical demonstration of procedures, and extensive hands-on training on live models.

It is a stand-alone course which is the minimum level of training required to start practicing toxin and dermal filler treatments. Completing this course can be used as credit towards the more intensive, internationally recognized International Certificate in Clinical Aesthetic Injectable Therapies.


Once you complete this program, you can fully apply the experience you gained towards pursuing a globally recognized International Certificate in Clinical Aesthetic Injectable Therapies.
Other courses that merely aim to “certify” are only bound to their standards and not in accordance with independently developed and evaluated criteria. We have higher standards and our success stories from our past students can prove it. Our Injection Training has been successfully and independently assessed, including all our processes and training materials that we pass on to our students.

We are certified by a recognized independent organization, which is a valuable endorsement that promotes the highest level of expertise and quality that you can expect from our Botox training for New York nurses.


In this program, you will learn a complementary process to administer dermal fillers on patients via the cannula technique. This short, one-day course will discuss similar topics in the Basic Filler Training Course, which includes pre-course reading material.

This program will hold two trainees to one trainer, with approximately seven to eight live models for intensive hands-on application training. This training course will involve the use of cannulas in addition to the use of needles for wider learning coverage.


This advanced program is the next step after finishing the Foundation Basic Filler Injection and the Lower Face Cannula Training Program. The course serves as a one-day training session that continues with cannula injections and focuses on advanced treatment areas, such as the temples and tear troughs (under eye hollows). It introduces the use of Radiesse – a longer-lasting filler made of calcium hydroxyapatite.

The course includes pre-course reading material and applies the same ratio for trainees and trainers (two trainees to one trainer). Students will have live models for hands-on training on administering injections.

This program is highly recommended for medical practitioners with prior experience of injecting at least 50 patients, as the adverse effects in the temples and tear troughs can be severe.


This comprehensive one-day course covers hands-on training on live models so our students can learn how to administer fillers effectively. The course covers the latest innovations of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers for lip enhancements. Our Lip Filler Training program involves the same intensive pre-course material found in our other filler courses.

This program discusses different lip injection protocols, combining both cannula and needle techniques. Our students are taught to focus on lip analysis and how to use different techniques to successfully achieve definition, volume, support, and contour. Most importantly, our students are taught how to obtain natural-looking proportional lips that will ensure client satisfaction to the fullest extent.


This popular program is an all-inclusive one-day training course for dentists seeking to add neurotoxin injection and lip filler services to their practice. It offers pre-course theoretical reading material which covers both subjects and discusses its anatomical relations. It recognizes contraindications and potential risks, and the use of hyaluronidase for emergency interventions.

This course applies a similar two trainees to one trainer ratio to ensure the most efficient learning experience. The hands-on injection training will include cosmetic toxin injections, TMJ injections, lips, and lower face dermal indications.

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